Our Products

Our Solution

  • Make the shift to Renewables & LED Lighting
  • Quality TellCoSOL Product Portfolios
  • Easy PAYGO installments for Solar systems
  • Enrichment with Children educational packages
  • Backed by TellCo Europe Switzerland ~ 20 year profile

Do these Problems sound familiar?

  • Are your Electricity costs going up in your Area?
  • Does your area use Kerosene lamps for lighting?
  • Do you live in a rural area where there is no access to the grid?
  • Are your lighting systems OLD technology, less efficient and shining “yellow” beams?
  • Are you seeking ways to reduce your Carbon footprint and reduce CO2 emissions for the region?
  • Is there pressure to adopt Renewables, yet you are unsure about, which technology to choose?

Who are TellCoSOL Clients?

  • A total solution for Clients in the household, SME business offices, schools, hospitals, utility companies and non profit organizations, construction and development companies, police and army offices and government organizations
  • Turn-key method to implement off grid solar systems (outdoors & indoors), to transfer maintenance headaches, repairs for lower operating expenses, and share/co-manage project management implementation duties.
  • Client keeps the electricity costs savings AND at end of contract period keeps the systems assets!