TellCoSOL is an Off-Grid Solar Home System for Nigeria and Africa. Solar for all!

Power multiple home appliances or SME workshop tools. No more dark nights. Let there be Light!

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Our Sustainable Solution

Turn Up the Lights! Use our innovative Pay As You Go Technology! Get our TellCoSOL today. With an off-grid solar system, all of the electricity needed is produced on-site and stored in a battery bank. The homeowner has complete control over both the generation and the consumption of electricity. Electrical power max. 5kW, supplied with High Efficient Solar Modules Maintenance Free GEL Batteries and 230VAC single phase Inverter. Supplied complete with metal construction for easy compact installation or rooftop.


Easy PAYGO installments for Solar systems. Client keeps the electricity costs savings AND at end of contract period keeps the systems assets!

Total Solution

A total solution for Clients in the household, SMEs business offices, schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations etc.

Turnkey Method

Turn-key method to implement off grid solar systems (outdoors & indoors) and share/co-manage project management implementation duties.

Step 1

A Customer Pays cash or mobile money to purchase energy credit for a certain number of days

Step 2

The customer receives an unique payment token by SMS to his mobile phone

Step 3

Customer punches- in this token using the IR remote control provided and recharges the system for the prepaid amount

Step 4

The SHS system will now supply energy for a fixed number of days proportional to the recharged amount

Step 5

When payments add up to the full cost of the system overtime, the system will permanently unlock

Why TellCoSOL?

We got the tools

We have the required tools to give you 24hr power. Our systems include Solarpanels, Refrigerators, TVs and light bulbs etc

Certified Experience

TellCo is a trusted name in renewable and sustainable technology and has a wealth of experience in the field.

Competitive Pricing

Our TellCoSOL systems are competitively priced compared to our competitors and is pocket friendly.

Lifetime Guarantee

3 years FULL warranty and 5 years Limited warranty on some components

Premium Parts

Highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panels. Maintenance free batteries for solar applications

Great Support

Our integrate customer service does not end upon sale, a philosophy that is reflected in the operation of a qualified technical and after sales support Department.

Key Benefits

– Works fully automatically
– Producing your own electricity
– No monthly bills for your electric power
– Energy independence
– Energy security

Other Advantages 

 No line voltage, trenching, or metering
– No electrical charges
– Battery back up for cloudy days
– Immune to power outages
– Easy to install

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